Beautiful Oops

When You Need to Make a Beautiful Oops

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When You Need to Make a Beautiful Oops

When I was teaching elementary art, I discovered the book “Beautiful Oops” by Barney Saltzberg. I knew I wanted to use it in my teaching because I had so many students think they needed to be perfect….and wouldn’t allow themselves grace when mistakes happened.

I remember a particular student who, during each class, would inevitably end up trying to wad up their work to throw away…or the student would scribble or tear the paper. The idea that it was not perfect was just TOO much.

Life Lesson

THIS is a LIFE LESSON! When we make mistakes, or when things don’t quite go our way or the way we were expecting…we can choose a different perspective..

We can choose JOY!

What can we learn from the “oops”? How can we make it “beautiful”?

So, before we give up on creating, before we give up on trying something new, or before we give up on a relationship we’ve had an “oops” we can try to make it beautiful. We can keep trying. We can give ourselves grace and allow things to NOT be perfect the first time we try. We can forgive. We can love.

When voice lessons are like riding a bike

I have been teaching voice lessons out of my home for the past 14 years, and it amazes me that with each student this concept must be taught. The idea that perfection does not come in the moment we attempt something for the first time. I have had many students, who, when standing at my piano, get frustrated when their voice does not come out with ease and perfection as soon as they open their mouth.

This is usually when I talk about learning to ride a bike. I ask, “When you first rode a bike, did you immediately get it? Or did it take you some time to get the hang of it?” Usually they respond with an affirmative to the latter. To which I then explain that singing (really any sort of creating) comes with that discomfort. That discomfort of NOT being perfect. If we didn’t have that discomfort we wouldn’t grow and the new endeavor would not be nearly as rewarding and sweet. It takes time, practice, and yes…..MISTAKES.

Mistakes….ummm…lessons to be learned

Barbra Streisand has a great song called “Lessons to Be Learned” have a listen…

Another help in reminding us to not worry about mistakes and allow for us to remember to learn from the experiences we each have. AND we’re all different and having different experiences and IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL!

I bought the book

I recently was contacted by a company to begin teaching art online. As part of the interview process, I was asked to complete a teaching demonstration. I decided to teach my lesson on Beautiful Oops. I searched for a read aloud on YouTube. When I watched the one video that had the most views and the reader completely missed part of the book, I decided I should record my own. I bought the book. I recorded a video of me reading it.

It meant something to read the book, feel it in my hands, and hope others might be inspired by the message. I am so grateful for Barney Saltzberg and the books he has created and the art he creates and the value he adds to our world.

What will you choose?

When presented with a challenge, what will you choose? Will you choose to learn? Will you choose to love? Will you choose joy?

I hope you will choose to make a Beautiful Oops!


What new things have you tried recently? Was it challenging? How did you keep going? Comment below!

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