Bucket of Awesome

What Is In Your Bucket of Awesome?

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Bucket of Awesome
Each of our lives are made up of moments, stories, actions, and experiences. Your journey is different from mine. You meet people I will never meet and feel things I will never feel. We both Experience joy and pain, though, and we don’t always get to choose what happens to us. We DO get to choose which stories we tell and how we tell them – even how we tell them to ourselves. Kathryn Thompson

Your Bucket of Awesome

Each of us has a story to tell and we can decide HOW we are going to tell it. I had always been one to just sort of let life move and I would just float along on the current. Not making any REAL intentional choices. Over the past 5 years, I have worked to become more intentional and specific in my thoughts and my choices. I don’t just let life happen, I consciously choose joy and I CREATE the life I want.

I loved Kathryn Thompson’s “Drops of Awesome” blog post. I am a HUGE proponent for positive self-talk and positive affirmations and this really resonated with me. When I saw that Kathryn Thompson had a new a journal coming out called “Bucket of Awesome” and I could tell my blog readers about it…I JUMPED at the chance.

Bucket of Awesome is a fantastic tool to allow you to meander through your life prompting you to write the things you remember (or not – in my case sometimes) in a positive light. You can skip around and take the time you need to write about the things that you would like.


I loved the introduction! I found myself nodding and laughing as I read it. I firmly believe that we each have a story to tell. Kathryn shows her own ability to “tell story” as she encourages and shows how we each can tell our OWN stories. She tells a story about her daughter not wanting to clean her room that I laughed out loud while I read. It helped illustrate the fact that many of our stories can be “told” or viewed in a negative light or a positive light. I identified with it so much! My children hate hearing me tell them “you can CHOOSE to be happy.” Life is a choice and we CAN choose joy!

About Me Section

I saw this page and did not turn to others. I am a “flipper.” This is a self-coined term that means that I like to pick up a book, FLIP through it, then delve deeper into the specific details. Why does this matter? Well, this page has ONE page to tell ABOUT ME! I am complex! There are questions like “Favorite Movie and TV shows” that only has a 2 inch horizontal line in which to complete this answer. I found myself trying to write in my best minuscule handwriting so I could effectively answer these questions. I completed the section and looked at it with satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. I had completed my first deposit in my “Bucket of Awesome.” Then….I turned the page. Only to find 3 FULL EMPTY pages on which one could write answers! I exasperatedly sighed and thought “REALLYjQuery112407067977889934747_1491615922786?” Why not space out the questions and allow for those extra lines to be utilized by the questions? Oh well. ***Make sure you use those extra pages!***


This section allows you to get a feel for the book (and continue to work on your minuscule handwriting skills – seriously getting a cramp) and the style of questions you might encounter along your journey.

And Then…

The book is then broken up into more manageable bits like: Birth and Babyhood, Childhood, School Years, Adulthood, Love, Work, Resilience and Struggles, Character, Accomplishments, and All the Rest.

As I have moved through this book I found myself smiling at a forgotten memory that was stirred up by the prompting questions. I also brushed cobwebs off of other memories that had long been tucked away. Or found myself struggling to put a positive spin on a perhaps less-than-glamorous memory. In any case, I have found great joy in reconnecting with my past, making connections with who I have become, and who I would like to be. I really felt AWESOME!!!

Brene Brown said, “We can’t chart a new course until we find out where we are, how we came to that point and where we want to go.” Using this book for getting clear and choosing positivity about my past, and how I came to have so much “AWESOME” already in my life, allowed me to move forward with hope and joy to a future where I can CHOOSE MORE JOY and CREATE a life of which I will be proud.

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