Emergency Preparedness Blog Series

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Emergency Preparedness – Information & Connections

How many of us rely on electronic devices for our day to day information – from weather to news to the latest Hollywood buzz? We also use them to reach out to family and friends. Keep up with what is happening in their lives and connecting with them on a daily (if not moment by moment) basis. Now imagine a world where those devices no longer work. They are now reduced to a mere fancy flashlight.


How will you get the information that you need? How will you know what is happening outside of your home? Life continues to progress even when your life seems to screech to a standstill.

Before the storms came, I worked to make sure that we would have some way of knowing what was going on. That meant I invested in a very high-tech device….a battery-operated radio. One very much like this one pictured here:

We would gather around the little radio and listen to the nightly news briefing from the governor on what was happening. We were able to know when the curfew was set, what was happening as far as relief efforts, and where we could get help if we needed it.

We also had a crank radio that we could use in case we ran out of batteries. Both were invaluable when trying to gather necessary information and trying to stay “in the know.”


How will you contact your family and friends? We were making hourly calls (and texts) to our family and friends the night of the storm. We lost connection around 9:00pm. We had warned them that we would probably lose contact with them and that we would try to make contact again as soon as we could. That didn’t end up being right away. Do you have a plan as to how you will let your family or friends know that you are all right? Once we did make contact, we told family members to spread the word so we didn’t use up precious battery power or not allow others to make connections. I also did a live Facebook post so people could see me and I could “see” them.

It was a little strange to think about the fact that world was continuing to go on even though we were experiencing this disaster. That people were still going to work or school, going to movies, eating regular meals and having regular lights and running water. Although it was strange to think about the “outside” world, it allowed us as a community to draw closer. We as a family grew closer and made stronger connections.

When all other forms of information and connection fail, you will find that you turn to a simpler and perhaps more fulfilling way of life.

What way of getting information or making connections could you not live without? Comment below!