Choose Change Create!

Choose Change ~ Create!

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How does change drive creativity?

How does change drive creativity? And why is creativity so important today? Here are some coherent thoughts (or maybe just of my rambling ones) about the importance of change and creativity in contemporary society.

I have a great friend (also a theatre teacher) who moves schools about every 6 to 8 years. I was very confused as to why she would invest so much time building a successful program, with a dedicated and supportive clientele, only to change schools. Now that I am fourteen years into a successful program, my eyes have been opened to the “why” of continual change. When I actually asked her why, her response was something along these lines:

“It is a completely selfish thing… I need the creative challenge to keep going. Once my job becomes routine or casual, I know I need a change.”

Choose Change

Having invested the past 14 years in my own career, my understanding has grown immensely. Change brings new experiences, challenges, perspectives, and energy. The new learning, skills, and relationships found through change are invigorating. If you feel like you’re living the film Groundhog Day it may be time for you to take the road less travelled – and choose change.

This doesn’t mean you have to change careers or move to an exotic island. Something on a smaller scale can be a springboard for your own creative genius you have buried long ago. Change may be doing something that you planned on doing in retirement NOW! Instead of waiting to learn how to paint in your golden years – do it today! I have talked with a lot of people in their golden years who no longer have the health and stamina to fulfill their dreams and plans – it breaks my heart.

Take Action

Change may be clearing your plate of extra “stuff” that just isn’t worthy of your time. If it isn’t something that brings you joy or improves your life consider letting that “stuff” go. If the only reason driving the heaping plate is money – is it really worth the time and energy you’re investing? It may be….it may not be…you will have to decide. Clearing your plate of additional responsibilities gives you time to start exhuming your creative genius. Learn to use the following simple word more often and find the ability to dedicate your time to pursuits that bring you joy – the word is…….No.

Find the courage to make a change, step out of your comfort zone, risk a little and reap the rewards. Change is definitely not easy, but it is absolutely invigorating – if it helps me to feel alive, then it is absolutely worth it.

What have you done to
“choose change” in your life?

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