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Cedary City, Utah Here We Come!

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Cedar City, Utah Here We Come

What? It’s true! We are moving again! Read on for the details…

The Long Story

We took a trip to Las Vegas at the beginning of January. We returned home on January 11th. On the way home, there was a man on the airport shuttle who turned to his family and said, “I’m so glad to be home.” In that moment, I heard a voice in my head that said, “this isn’t home.” And I thought “how strange. WHAT? I’ve been here for a year, and it IS home.” The feeling persisted. I didn’t mention the feeling or say anything to Stewart. We went home. The next day, Stewart came upstairs from work and said “this is crazy, and I don’t want to move…. but I feel like we need to move.” And I said, “that’s weird because I had this experience on the shuttle yesterday.” So, then we started talking about moving and where we wanted to move. We talked about how going south is too hot, going north is too cold, out East was too far away, and we didn’t want to go back to the same city in Utah. Then Stewart said, “maybe Cedar City?” He paused and said, “that felt really good to say.” So, he hopped online and checked to see if, on the off chance, the Shakespeare Festival had a position open. Surprisingly (or maybe not) they DID have a position open, and it was a perfect position for him. He reached out to a friend that happens to be over this particular position and asked for more information about it. His friend said the position had been open since October and they hadn’t been able to fill it. Stewart felt that he should apply for the position. He did. He then had three interviews. On Monday, February 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day), he was offered the job. Now we’re moving to Cedar City!

If you give the Shelley’s a Project

We joke that it seems that JUST when we finish a big house project (like a bathroom), we then are inspired to move. I told Stewart that wherever we move next must not have any projects…especially bathrooms! I kind of feel like “If you give a mouse a cookie” but maybe more like “if you give the Shelley’s a project…” We are in the middle of finishing things up which means this is a SUPER fast blog post with very few pictures…sorry. Find us on Instagram or Facebook and you will see more pictures of the house and finished projects.

Next steps

We are working with our realtor here to sell our house and will be making the transition to Cedar City over the next couple of months. We will miss our new friends here and the MAGNIFICENT beauty that is the Oregon Coast. We are all looking forward to, yet again, another adventure. We are also looking forward to being closer to family and friends. We are NOT looking forward to the packing and such…though we are “old hat” at it by now.

Through our experiences, we have come to realize that as we have lived in some pretty amazing places…everyone thought our lives must be like a vacation. You can live somewhere where people vacation but it is still just “real life” when you live there. So we decided, we can always visit dream places, however, we cannot visit a dream job.

It is amazing the way that God works in our lives. We continue to be open to His guidance and look forward to all He has prepared for us as we move forward with faith.

How have you taken a step forward that felt scary or weird or maybe “out of the blue”?


  1. I am in the process of this right now! I got a new job last year that allows me to work in film and tv in LA! While its not what I want to be doing in the long run, its an amazing foot in the door with an amazing team of people. So here I am in LA crashing in my cousin’s guest room for a few months until I can sell my place in Utah and qualify for a house out here. Its an adventure! I am SOOO excited for you guys!!!!! Please keep sharing your adventures!

  2. Such Amazing News!!! Yes, This is going to be amazing. And yes, you can live where people vacation but it just real life, LOL! Even on a cruise ship… :p
    I am so excited to hear about your next adventures. And Sarah I wanted to add that you are a very talented writer, these are always done so well. 🙂
    Best of luck, Love to the FAM!

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