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Surviving a Category 5 Hurricane in St. Croix

In Inspiration, St. Croix Living by Sarah6 Comments

After staring at the National Hurricane Center’s website for what seemed like a full 2 weeks, we once again went into prep-mode as Hurricane Maria inched closer to us. As Saturday September 16th rolled around, we followed our regular storm tracking routine and found the forecast to be a Cat 1 (that’s the “lingo” here in hurricane-land). We could handle …

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Hurricane Maria

In Inspiration, St. Croix Living by Sarah8 Comments

When we were making the choice to move to the Caribbean it was obvious that we would be moving to a part of the world that we would have to encounter…or maybe…endure hurricanes. Little did we know that it would be so soon and so intense. I have learned that during hurricane season – and especially as a storm is …

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Driving in St. Croix

In Humor, St. Croix Living by Sarah6 Comments

We have briefly talked before about driving in St. Croix. It has its known quirks – driving on the left-hand side, lower speed limits, and winding roads. However, today was my first experience driving in St. Croix for an extended amount of time – by myself. Here in St. Croix people honk all the time. They don’t honk like they …

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Back to School in St. Croix

In St. Croix Living by Sarah10 Comments

As we made the decision to move to St. Croix we had a few things in the forefront of our minds – house, job, church, and schools. Of course, with two young boys we were concerned about how they would continue with their education. We loved the elementary school where they had been attending and we knew it would be …