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St. Croix Living

In Inspiration, St. Croix Living by Sarah6 Comments

I am sure when you think of us living in the Caribbean, you envision us sitting on the beach day after day playing in the sun, building sand castles, and drinking non-alcoholic fruity drinks. The reality is we do go to the beach, but there is a lot more to St. Croix living than beaches and fruity drinks. Air conditioning …

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My Expectations of St. Croix

In Inspiration, St. Croix Living by Sarah2 Comments

Truthfully, having never been to a tropical island prior to moving here…I wasn’t even sure what my expectations of St. Croix should be. Of course I had done a lot of research. I reached out to people who were either currently living on the island or had previously lived on the island. I had looked at a lot of pictures. …

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Coming Home to St. Croix

In Inspiration, St. Croix Living by Sarah4 Comments

It was only 9:30 when we got to St. Croix but the sun was unfamiliar in the sky and it seemed like 4:30 in the afternoon. Stewart drove us “home.” It had been what seemed like a long time since having our own home. Living in Stewart’s parent’s house was like a vacation. We rarely cooked our own meals. Our …

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4 Airports to St. Croix, USVI – Or Bust!

In Inspiration by Sarah2 Comments

Have you ever planned for a journey, a long-awaited trip, chance of a lifetime, a monumental life change? Only then find yourself having to wait for 6 months to actually MAKE the change or take the trip? IT. IS. EXCRUCIATING!!! You plan and wait. Plan and wait. Plan and wait. Until one day…THE day finally arrives. Then you start questioning…well…at …

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Farewell UTAH!

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Today was our last FULL day in Utah. This has been a whirlwind of a month. May has both blown by and felt like it dragged on. We have spent some great nights with family and friends laughing, talking, and saying goodbye. May is busy as it is without adding moving into the mix. Instead, it seems we figured – …