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4 Airports to St. Croix, USVI – Or Bust!

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Have you ever planned for a journey, a long-awaited trip, chance of a lifetime, a monumental life change? Only then find yourself having to wait for 6 months to actually MAKE the change or take the trip? IT. IS. EXCRUCIATING!!! You plan and wait. Plan and wait. Plan and wait. Until one day…THE day finally arrives. Then you start questioning…well…at …

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6 Moving Tricks You’ve Got to Try

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We are t-minus 52 days until our big move to St. Croix, USVI. We sold our house and moved everything into storage in January 2017. We have been living with in-laws who are incredibly generous. Our belongings are scheduled to come out of storage next week and I have been reflecting on the process of moving a household. By the …

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In 2013, my husband came to me and said that we should move to Scotland.  Wait? What? I wrote this back then in the moment. I am sharing it now as a way to share how we put our lives in the hands of God. We took a leap of faith. We were willing to be vulnerable and courageous. By …