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Covid Creativity

In Humor, Inspiration, St. Croix Living by Sarah0 Comments

Well, when you are quarantined with your family you find ways to entertain yourself. For us, that meant creating. We love to create things and now we’re sharing them with you! One day I got to thinking about all the things that are happening in our world right now. I also started to wonder how we could document all the …

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So…We’re Different

In Humor, St. Croix Living by Sarah4 Comments

We know we are different – some may even say we are strange or weird. We moved from a beautiful (albeit cold) place to another beautiful place that we had never even visited. Beside that obvious oddity, we have learned there are many other reasons we are different. One that we have learned over the years as our children have …

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Driving in St. Croix

In Humor, St. Croix Living by Sarah7 Comments

We have briefly talked before about driving in St. Croix. It has its known quirks – driving on the left-hand side, lower speed limits, and winding roads. However, today was my first experience driving in St. Croix for an extended amount of time – by myself. Here in St. Croix people honk all the time. They don’t honk like they …

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Jeepers Creepers

In Humor by Stewart12 Comments

Everyone wants to live in America’s Paradise…..Unfortunatley that includes some of God’s creeping creatures. With year round sunshine, and balmy weather, there are a myriad different bugs, spiders, lizards, and frogs. Now, this isn’t all a bad thing. Here are a few of the pros assoicated with their abundance. There are also a lot of millipedes known locally as Gongolo. …

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The Great Rooster Symphony

In Humor, St. Croix Living by Stewart12 Comments

Welcome to Paradise – right? So far St. Croix has met all of my expectations for tropical paradise with one exception……Roosters! There are a Nipsey Russell of roosters running amuck about the island. Now, during the daytime, this isn’t really a problem. In fact it is mildly charming and feels, oh so rural! The problem comes with the Rooster’s odd …