Life Lessons for those who want more from life!

Imagine you’ve been doing the same thing for the past 10 or 15 years when you suddenly realize that the life you lead is too much! The day to day grind of monotony is too much! You can’t stand one more minute of hacking through bureaucratic red tape or following the drudgery of the uphill climb known as the rat race or the “American Dream.” Or perhaps you have created a monster you can no longer feed. Your dream job is no longer your dream job. That’s not to say that you don’t LOVE the people you work with, or those you might serve, or even the actual part of DOING your job. You simply no longer find that spark of joy or excitement when you think about your career.

After 14 FANTASTIC years as a public high school drama teacher, I have fulfilled that dream. My “dream job” was to be a drama teacher. Now, I am ready for new dreams. I have accumulated and shared many “Life Lessons” over that time. My wife, Sarah, and I love to tell stories. We wanted to share our journey and the Life Lessons we’ve learned…so far. There are a lot of blogs out there about “fluff.” “How to save money.” “How to cut coupons.” “How to be the perfect parent.” “How to start a blog.” “How to be ‘Pinterest’ perfect.” “How to be the most amazing person that you could never possibly hope to be.” Ok – maybe I just made that one up.
While those are all good things….that is not what we are passionate about.

This blog is about our real life. Our struggles and joys as we move our family to St. Croix….totally brave AND crazy. It is about Life Lessons we have learned from people and books. It is about triumphs and failures opportunities for growth that we have experienced with others, each other, and our children. We also love to travel and use that as a way to be connected as a family and to teach our children….so you’ll hear about that too. We have also made some choices about our health that people ask about so we will write about that.

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